Welcome to Saoirse Jewelry!

Saoirse Jewelry is born from the spirit and use of different materials, textures and the freedom of creation flowing through a pair of hands.
Saoirse Jewelry's pieces are crafted from all sorts of materials and on the list of current supplies we have glass, acrylic, African jade, labradorite, and nickle free wire and silver components.
All pieces are the reflection of love for making unique designs.

All Saoirse Jewelry's handmade jewelry has been designed to reflect the love and determination to make a unique product,
to find the essential pieces of art, and creating a wearable art gallery for both designer and the future owner. Saoirse Jewelry enjoys creating unique and lovely items to wear and give out to loved ones and friends.
Saoirse Jewelry's fashion-forward jewelry designs are rooted in my love for the art of creating.
Thank you for the support of Saoirse Jewelry. Stay tuned and watch us grow!

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